Do I need screen printing or sublimation printing?

January 07, 2019 1 min read

Do I need screen printing or sublimation printing? - Sportsqvest

It all depends on your application, budget and usage. Generally speaking the world over here are some key aspects to consider whilst placing your order. Sublimation printing is usually done on polyester based materials and popular for sportswear and activewear applications. Screen printing rules when it comes to cottons.

Sports teams worldwide are using sublimation printing for vivid and bold designs as their patterns of choice vary from season to season. Screen print is very popular for large scale events and as a one time use option on cotton tees as it is much cheaper to produce. Screen printed tees are also a very popular in the fashion segment who create their own designs and slogans for sale online or in their retail stores.

Sportsqvest is the largest provider in the world for unique and fashionable Sporstwear designs, merging the two theories above.