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    • Q1. Are big brand names better in their qualities?

      The quality you see in the retail outlets is not the quality you get to buy 99% of the time. Large brand names does not necessarily imply that the quality is good. Many large and popular brand in the retail segment have also entered the corporate promotional clothing industry. Nevertheless, they have created a separate low cost and quality line of products for the promotional industry which is not retailed. This line of products are being used only to en-cash their brand image. We suggest “buyer beware” and should keep the brand name aside and compare products on the basis of quality.


      Q2. For mass distribution what sizes of t-shirts should we order?

      Brands all across the world have their own size specifications, therefore in order to not disappoint the receiver their t shirt size should be taken irrespective of the brand. Do take a look at our size chart below and feel free to get in touch with us for any queries.


      Q3. Why Do Garments fade?

      Sunlight causes colours to fade as it contains Ultraviolet Radiation (UV). Due to longer days in summer, clothes would tend to fade more. Clothes will tend to fade when you are drying them outdoors apart from just wearing them. Even though there is not much you can do to reduce fading there are a couple of things you can do. You can turn your clothes inside out when you put them out, If you have a fixed clothesline then you would know the direction of the sunlight. Put the darker clothes further away from direct sunlight. Lastly we recommend you do not keep the darker clothes out longer than it takes to dry them. In summer clothes would generally dry in about half an hour.


      Q4. Can you print this “Adidas” or similar logo on some t-shirts for me?

      Using Adidas only as an example, though any copyrighted logo is illegal to print unless you have the right to do so. If you do have the right you would need to send us the legal consent obtained. If you get caught using a copyrighted logo, apart from seizure of the goods you could face criminal charges. We at Sportsqvest do not believe in stealing designs or logos and would not entertain any such requests.


      Q5. Minimum quantity I can order?

      At Sportsqvest we manufacture about 10,000 units a day, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) is a single piece from any of our ready stock of colours and styles. Though for economies of scale of our production we would suggest a MOQ of 200-250 units.


      Q6. What if I need my logo for other types of printing?

      We do make digitized versions for your logo.

      Embroidery - Digitized designs can be mailed to you. If any open files for your logo have been made, they can be shared.

      Printing - If screens are required to be given then the cost of the metal frames will be additional


      Q7. Colour options available in t-shirts?

      We have a huge selection of colour options to choose from in our ready stocks. Though if a particular colour is required then the MOQ in cotton is 300 units & for Poly Cotton (PQ) is 600 units.


      Q8. Do you have t-shirts that I can try on?

      We always request samples to try on so as to determine the sizes. Samples are only provided on order confirmation.


      Q9. Can I give a pantone number to match my required color of T Shirts?

      Yes you can give us a pantone shade number, Hex (colour) code. A point to note is that Paper and fabric pantone numbers differ as the medium of printing is different. For sublimation tees we can match any colour.


      Q10. What if I need to order one more t-shirt?

      We would always recommend to our clients that they order an additional quantity when they placing the initial order itself. As manufacturers it is not feasible to reach the exact quantity ordered for unless we manufacture at least a few additional units and factor that cost into our overall costing. Ordering an additional small quantity would cost a lot more.


      Q11. Can I get a sample?

      Yes you can order a paid sample.


      Q12. What type of branding is possible?

      Embroidery of print are the most popular branding options. Depending on the design chosen we will recommend the best technique. Open files would be required for embroidery as photos cannot be embroidered.


      Q13. Can I bring my own t-shirts in or do you supply them?

      We do accept garments given by customers. We at Sportsqvest do not accept and product for branding other than our own.


      Q14. Minimum order quantity for customizing a T Shirts?

      The MOQ is 300-500 for t shirts depending on the pattern selected.


      Q15. When can I get my t-shirts?

      This depends upon your quantity and pattern requirement along with our stock availability. The usual time taken from manufacturing to delivery is about 15 working days. This number may vary depending on the level of customization required.


      Q16. Will my T shirt shrink?

      Knitted cotton always shrinks on a wash. However with a process of compacting the fabric ensures the shrinkage is less than 5% which is an internationally accepted norm.


      Q17. Why can't you use this image that I supplied you with?

      So there are many reasons for this. We cannot use images you have pulled off the internet. One concern is legality of the image (copyrights) and secondly most images from the internet are only good for the internet. The reason is that web images are about 72dpi. The lower the dpi the lower the image. Many times clients provide us with a jpeg image with many colours in it, and they assumed it is ready supplied art. We would require open files or vector images.


      Q18. Will the T Shirts bleed colour?

      Sportsqvest t shirts are guaranteed for colour fastness. They do not normally bleed when washed along with other clothes. This type of colour bleed only happens when an inferior dye is used in order to cut costs.


      Q19. Is the print going to stay on the t-shirt?

      Yes we guarantee that the print will stay on the t shirts. A printed image needs to get a temperature of 350 degrees evenly throughout the image. If it requires a thicker ink deposit on the t shirt then it will spend a longer time in the dryer. If a print peels or cracks it is because of the screen print was not allowed to be cured properly. We monitor each job to ensure the best quality image.


      Q20. What is GSM?

      GSM is an acronym for "Gram Square Meter". This gets confused with the weight of the garment on a regular basis. It is not possible for a layman to tell the GSM of the garment unless it is lab tested. Higher the gsm better the quality is an absolute myth.


      Q21. How much does it cost to have some t-shirts printed?

      The depends on many variables. Our team of experts will be able to give you a quote after asking you a few questions.


      Q22. What is the difference between combed/semi–combed/carded T shirt?

      These are various qualities of cotton yarn. Combed cotton is of a superior quality to semi and carded.


      Q23. Why does the feel of the garment vary from the ordered sample?

      Cotton is very sensitive to moisture being a natural fibre. Depending on the season it is manufactured in, the feel varies. Most times the fabrics are dried in a drier. The feel or the naturally dried fabric and dryer fabric varies.


      Q24. Delivery Schedule?

      For an emergency our turnaround time could be a few working hours once we have reviewed our stick list and seen what is available. Ideally we need 15 working days for an order. This varies depending on order details.


      Q25. How do I decide which quality of t-shirt should we opt for?

      If you are not from the industry the best way to determine the quality is the old age trusted test, "Put it through a wash". If the t shirt maintains its dimensions and feel after a wash then it safe to choose that quality.


      Q26. Do higher gsm(thicker garments) last longer?

      This is also a myth, the thickness has no bearing on the longevity of the garment.


      Q27. What kind of Artwork is required for branding?

      Ideally we need a corel draw file (.cdr), Adobe Illustrator file (.ai) or an EPS file. For embroidery a high resolution JPEG file will suffice. Do note that the colour on your monitor may differ from the output so a physical printout is required.


      Q28. What are Organic Cotton?

      This type of cotton is grown without any chemicals or pesticides. The main reason for a good yield is quality of the soil, crop rotation etc. There is no difference in the quality between organic and regular cotton

      Q29. How do I get my goods?

      We ship the goods via different modes of transportation like air, rail, road or sea depending on the destination on a to-pay basis. Delivery within Mumbai, India is free.

      Q30. What is pima cotton?

      Its closely comparable to Egyptian cotton, with it has many things in common mainly its long fibered tensile strength and soft feel. It was first produced in Peru and is named after the Pima tribe who began cultivation of this plant. The fabric is very absorbent and stains easily.



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