Brands all across the world have their own size specifications, therefore in order to not disappoint the receiver their t shirt size should be taken irrespective of the brand. Do take a look at our size chart and feel free to get in touch with us for any queries.

Using Adidas only as an example, though any copyrighted logo is illegal to print unless you have the right to do so. If you do have the right you would need to send us the legal consent obtained. If you get caught using a copyrighted logo, apart from seizure of the goods you could face criminal charges. We at Sportsqvest do not believe in stealing designs or logos and would not entertain any such requests.

We do make digitized versions for your logo.

Sublimation - Any logos which have to be made from scratch will incur a design fee.

Embroidery - Digitized designs can be mailed to you. If any open files for your logo have been made, they can be shared.

Screen Printing / Plotter - If screens are required to be given then the cost of the metal frames will be additional. 

Yes, you can order a paid sample. Samples are only provided on order confirmation.

Yes, we do accept garments given by customers (only for bulk orders) or we can use our own as well.

That depends on many variables. Our team of experts will be able to give you a quote after asking you a few questions.

Ideally, we need a corel draw file (.cdr), Adobe Illustrator file (.ai)/.eps or photoshop (.psd) file. For embroidery a high resolution JPEG file will suffice. Do note that the colour on your monitor may differ from the output so a physical printout is required.


Sunlight causes colours to fade as it contains Ultraviolet Radiation (UV). Due to longer days in summer, clothes would tend to fade more. Clothes will tend to fade when you are drying them outdoors apart from just wearing them. Even though there is not much you can do to reduce fading there are a couple of things you can do. You can turn your clothes inside out when you put them out, If you have a fixed clothesline then you would know the direction of the sunlight. Put the darker clothes further away from direct sunlight. Lastly we recommend you do not keep the darker clothes out longer than it takes to dry them. In summer clothes would generally dry in about half an hour.

We have anti-shrink polyester fabric which does not shrink. Knitted cotton always shrinks on a wash. However, with a process of compacting the fabric ensures the shrinkage is less than 5% which is an internationally accepted norm.

Sportsqvest t-shirts are guaranteed for colour fastness. They do not normally bleed when washed along with other clothes. This type of colour bleed only happens when an inferior dye is used in order to cut costs.

Yes, we guarantee that the print will stay on the t-shirts. A printed image needs to get a temperature of 350 degrees evenly throughout the image. If it requires a thicker ink deposit on the t shirt then it will spend a longer time in the dryer. If a print peels or cracks, it is because the screen print was not allowed to be cured properly. We monitor each job to ensure the best quality image.

GSM is an acronym for "Gram Square Meter". This gets confused with the weight of the garment on a regular basis. It is not possible for a layman to tell the GSM of the garment unless it is lab tested. Higher the gsm better the quality is an absolute myth.

If you are not from the industry the best way to determine the quality is the old age trusted test, "Put it through a wash". If the t-shirt maintains its dimensions and feel after a wash then it safe to choose that quality.

This is also a myth, the thickness has no bearing on the longevity of the garment.