What is DTG (Direct To Garment) Printing?

January 07, 2019 1 min read

What is DTG (Direct To Garment) Printing? - Sportsqvest

DTG printing is the latest technology in garment printing. It is the modern age version of screen printing. A DTG printer directly applies the design (ink) onto the t-shirt. It is much like how you would print on paper except you're printing onto a readymade t-shirt. Designs are usually printed in under three minutes. The machine uses a special water based ink which then absorbs into the fibres of the garment. A simply heat press machine is used to solidify the bond once the printing process is over.

DTG printing has many advantages over screen printing but also some drawbacks. DTG printing allows you to print multi-tone and multi-colour images of in varying gradients with a sharp and clear image whereas screen printing may restrict you on the maximum amount of colours. DTG printing is not as labour intensive as screen printing and allows you to make economic sense of printing just one t-shirt whereas screen printing requires volumes. The DTG printer is small and compact. While DTG printing is great for small business and low volumes it may not be the apt for larger volume orders of single designs where the older process of screen printing is most suitable.