Trending Colours

December 10, 2019 1 min read

Colours of the Season: Back to RGB

At Sportsqvest we have an insatiable desire to stay true to what's trending and bring you the most in vogue colours, designs and graphics faster than anyone in the sportswear industry worldwide. We take great pride in offering a wide range of choices to our customers with our unique just-in-time production methods.

As sportswear becomes more fashionable and leans towards a new category defined as athleisure it's important to stay with the trend. So what colours are trending this season?

A mix of contemporary and heritage, shades that can be paired easily  and feel familiar is what's "in." The eccentric and electric has given way to more soothing and comforting colours of the past that are back in focus with easy pairings bringing you a fresh feel of the all very familiar past. For the graphic designers this simply means your original palette from where all colours originate RGB = Red, Green, Blue but to be more specific, red leaning on scarlet, green leaning on pista, blue in its classic form are the core pillars of this season's trending colours. Navy, Occre and Cinamon Red are fresh off-takes from the stylish and soothing familiar colours of the RGB family.

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